Re: Smart Sex (was:Healthy Sexuality)
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 15:32:25 -0500

One thing i am consistantly astounded at is the apologetic tone many
intelligent, intellectual people take when they admit" to having these
"animal' urges. I understand that the reproductive part of sex is not going
to be an issue as we evolve through other means, yet I am surprised that it
seems the more techno- evloved most men are, and advanced intellectually,
often the more neanderthal and outdated the belief systems about sex...
Curious indeed....
Good thing we haven't deemed being physically fit an animal instinct, or
playfulness, or we'd all be trying to illimate those attributes too!

I am glad to see rational and ethical/positive thinking (the latest post by
Will) about the topic. I am sick of hearing how bad sex is, from both
religious and intellectually superior people.
I am pretty optimistic that sex will evolve and enhance in the same way that
art, music, writing, relationships, comforts and commerce will...
It is in its own way a fun way to explore the universe ; ).
Hopefully with the nano scenario of more leisure time, we will need top spend
even less time on basic genetic survival and instinctual grubbing.
Transhumans will have time for much learning and pleasure...
PS There IS a link between good sex and high intelligence, not a function of
animal lowliness, which produces bad sex, IMEAAW.