Ethics and a Year-End Thought

Kathryn Aegis (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 16:02:13 +0000

Max M:
>What it means among other
>things, is that the shape, function and disfunction of our bodies wil
>allways have an impact on the way we see our self and the way we behave.
>Ask anybody with a physical handicap.

I am so glad that you brought this up, Max. I always prefer to focus
on core issues, and the issue that underlies all gender research is
the issue of difference. (Warning: Kathryn's Year-End Holiday
Message revealed below)

As humans, we have evolved into a vast spectrum of colors, shapes,
beliefs, joys and suffering, each of it possessing its own special
beauty. Each of it possessing its own openings for further
evolution. Yet, all of these physical and cultural and sociological
differences make up only about ten percent of our total sum as human

We are much more alike than we are different, and yet we tend to
focus almost exclusively on our differences, using them as means to
rank each other into whatever power structures we have conjured up.
Nowhere is this more evident that in the gender studies arena.
Entire academic careers have been founded on the proposition that
women and men are hopelessly locked into an eternal struggle for
conflicting goals.

We can do better than this! We have to do better than this, or we
will never reach higher levels of relating to each other.

My Axioms of Difference: (i) We are persons first, then humans.
(ii) When we as humans learn to accept the basic commonality of every
person, only then will we be able to truly appreciate and celebrate those
differences that make each of us unique.

This to me represents one of the personal challenges of transhumanism,
because all the technology in the world will not do this work. It is
essential preparation for a change in state to whatever form we take
next. I accepted this challenge seven years ago, and it has formed
the basis for my life's study and work. I welcome anyone who cares to
walk with me on this path, if only for a mile or two--it's always nice to
have company!

I hope that everyone has a restful and peaceful holiday break.

Kathryn Aegis