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Fri, 13 Dec 1996 21:41:01 -0800 (PST)

I assume Chris Hind wrote this:

} >Email/Photo Directory and I love the pie pic. HAHAHA Romana the housewife!
} >Yeah right! :)

What's so funny? Someone has to cook and clean up. Well off people can
choose to afford domestic servants of various sorts, but the rest of us
get to do it ourselves, or else slowly dissolve into our environment. A
bit entropic there, I'd say.

Hmm. 18 year old college male. Odds say you're entropic.

} vanquished an ant infestation,
What's your trick? I've beaten back a few with soapy water, the Finger
of Doom, and patience. Eventually they come back, like the bloody
shadows. Especially when some housemate leaves cold cuts in the sink.
An anthill whose collective intelligence will take some days to decide
to mine a bread crumb deposit will get to spicy meat in a few hours, and
much more fervently.

} I am feeling some unease. I am not sure this kind of post belongs on this

Nothing wrong with _your_ post.

Merry part,
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