Re: Romana Machado (was Re: Arrogant Bastards)

John Smith (
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 00:07:17 -0800

>What's so funny? Someone has to cook and clean up. Well off people can
>choose to afford domestic servants of various sorts, but the rest of us
>get to do it ourselves, or else slowly dissolve into our environment. A
>bit entropic there, I'd say.

What was so funny was that it appeared in the middle of an erotic image

>Hmm. 18 year old college male. Odds say you're entropic.

Hey, Hey! No ageism!

>} vanquished an ant infestation,
>What's your trick? I've beaten back a few with soapy water, the Finger
>of Doom, and patience.

Haha, I like that. Finger of doom. Its easy to get a power trip vaporizing
ants with a lighter. Something else to try is cinnamon. The bastards hate
it. Surround your house with it.