Terror Management and Death Anxiety

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Fri, 13 Dec 1996 21:13:02 -0800

Tom, I hope this helps:

Tim Freeman quoted recently in sci.cryonics:
A Terror Management Theory of Social
Behavior: The psychological Functions of Self-Esteem and Cultural
Worldviews, by Sheldon Solomon et al, pp 93-159 of Advances in Experimental
Social Psychology, volume 24, 1991. (Thanks to David Stodolsky for the

Here's another I found on the web:

Toward a Comprehensive Model of Death Anxiety, by Adrian Tomer and Grafton
Eliason,.Death Studies, (20), 343-365.

Correspondence should be sent to:
Adrian Tomer, Ph.D.
Psychology Department
Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, PA 17257



An integrative, comprehensive model of death anxiety is presented. The model
postulates three immediate antecedents of death anxiety: past-related regret,
future-related regret and meaningfulness of death. Past-related regret
refers to
a person's unfulfilled aspirations that should have been achieved but were not.
Future-related regret refers to the anticipation that, as a result of premature
death, one cannot achieve important goals in the future. Meaningfulness of
refers to one's concept of death and ability to make sense of it. These three
antecedents are related to death salience in a complex way mediated by coping
mechanisms and their effects on one's beliefs about self and the world. The
coping mechanisms include (but are not necessarily limited to) life review,
planning, identification with culture, and self-transcending processes. The
model's developmental and practical applications are explored.

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