Re: wildgrowing threads
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 12:05:47 -0500

Max M:

>1 thread is about the TWA 800, aka a conspiracy discussion.
1 thread is about the existence of god, aka a basic existensialist question
(at leat part of the thread)
1 thread is about worker/emplyer relationsship, aka govermental influence

You are quite right! The usual threads have seemed to be drowned out by these
3 - good observation.
TWA_ THE CAT IS OUT!! arrives in my mailbox at least ten times a day...

Most of the time the discussion is on advanced
technology, (and ethical concerns about ), cryonics, communications, AI,
immortality, philosophy, space,
abundance( or lack of) and resource development, neuro biology, futurist arts
and etc....
I have learned much from some
of the brilliant minds that are here and the resources
found here from time to time.

Then there are "topics" that refuse to die.
Even though to me they seem like either
conundrums, or at best old battles rehashed....
I think maybe a few people feel *very* strongly about

Many of us delete them in the e-box, and check
every now and then to see if the thread may have mutated.