Re: Increasing Height

Anders Sandberg (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 17:30:55 +0100 (MET)

On Wed, 13 Nov 1996, Chris Hind wrote:

> I am 18 and my height is 5'6, is there _anything_ I can do to raise my
> height? Will growth hormones still work?

If you are still growing, they might work. Otherwise there is a risk that
you become somewhat acromegalous, which isn't aesthetic or healthy.

> I am not yet as tall as my father
> which means I will probably be going through another growth spurt which
> means that if i _do_ want to alter my height i better act FAST! Any ideas?
> suggestions?

You could try eating better (if you don't), good nutrition (especially
protein) increases height. But it might be hard to do much change right
now, such things take time.

I have heard about methods of lengthening bones by inserting screws into
them linked by pressuring beams, but it doesn't sound like anything I
would like to try.

Unfortunately, I think it is hard to drastically increase height at your
age, but it is definitely possible to lay the groundwork for greater
adult muscle mass by training in this period; if you can't get much
height, why not try breadth?

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