Re: Reversal of Sexual Form Evolution?

Kennita Watson (
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 22:25:52 -0800

>I have been considering this thought which is throughout the animal kingdom
>males have more beauty and special characteristics and the females are the
>boring looking type so why has this situation reversed with humans? and
>what caused it? or is it only my perception? If you look at the male and
>female human form, females are more elegant and graceful. Men appear bland
>and boring and not that graceful at all. Is it due to the fact that I'm
>looking at it from the first person perspective rather than from a third
>person perspective where I would consider things differently if I were
>another type of intelligent animal looking at the human form? Am I the only
>one who shares this view?

Some unrelated thoughts:
* This does not occur "throughout the animal kingdom" -- it's just fairly
common, and we notice the cases that conform.

* Human females don't have to hide themselves and their young from predators
the way other animals do.

* The point is to attract attention. Since humans have forebrains, males
can attract attention by being witty or rich rather than attractive.
Nice clothes, fast cars, and wizzy tech toys can also take the place
of plumage.

* Taller males are generally considered more attractive (I'm speaking
statistically here); so are stronger ones. Hairiness goes in and out.
These are forms of natural human "plumage".

* Human females have forebrains, too, and they don't go into heat and become
primally irresistible for a week per year, and they may well want sex when
nobody's paying attention, so they've developed sophisticated strategies
for getting the attention of the most desirable males.

* Males in aboriginal cultures wear feathers, beads, warpaint, or whatever,
and probably gain more physical proficiency than American males from
having to do things like tribal dancing, stalking prey, etc., thus
conforming more to your norm.

* An alien looking down would probably not see much difference, from a
biological standpoint.

* Your "first person perspective" has "hetero male" written all over it.
A gay male (or anyone attracted to males sexually) might beg to differ.

* Mikhail Barishnikov and Gary Hines are both very graceful, thanks.


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