Re: Sex as obsolete and "hormone-driven"

banjo (
Sat, 09 Nov 1996 10:02:33 +0000

Steve Witham wrote:
> The idea that sex has only one evolutionary function is too simple.
> Very little in our makeup has "one function," and the longer something
> stays around, the more functions it gets involved in. Sex has been
> around a long time.

i agree with Steve, Sex and Death are two basic mechanisms of evolution.
Whether Technological/Cultural evolution will not need them, or whether
it'll use them in it's own way is an open question. I suspect that
the evolutionary strategy has good efficient reasons for them.
Afterall, all life has sex and dies, (with the exception, maybe, of
bactaria and virii ).

Sex is also in human terms, a form of communication, reassurrance, bonding,
recreation, pleasure and sometimes power.

Im new to this mailing group, ive read and i like a lot of the basic
books that extropians recommend. I find it a bit sad that such obviously
intelligent people seem to have a blind spot regarding the complexity
and sophistication of day to day human relationships.

It seems to me that some people here want to become not so much Transhuman
as non-human.