Re: Reversal of Sexual Form Evolution?
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 02:13:33 -0500

Re males look drabber than females, in humans, whereas they get to
evolutionary colorful roles ( ie dress better) in birds, etc

Kennita writes
* Your "first person perspective" has "hetero male" written all over it.
A gay male (or anyone attracted to males sexually) might beg to differ.

* Mikhail Barishnikov and Gary Hines are both very graceful, thanks.


Good post K, you covered a lot.
I think men are far more beautiful than women,
personally. They have facial hair, musculature,
grace and stature... We are simply inundated with
male dominated advertising, literally bombarded
with thousands of pretty girls so we have become
brainwashed to think it is the thing we must adulate.

An artist friend of mine complained about having to
look at so many pretty girls til he felt they were
becoming devalued, he said
"look, if we were told WARTS were beautiful
ten thousand times we would believe it."

I think men are more physically alluring, but they
sure have decided to dress in drab clothing, maybe
it is fear.