Re: Uploading

Chris Hind (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 22:22:32 -0800

>In that case, I'd swiftly get used to the notion that it was just
>like dropping off to sleep on the jet and waking up in another town. Of
>course, I could be *fooled* into believing that this were the case, even if
>a destructive-uploading expert knew it wasn't, which would soothe my dread.
>`Just step into the nice warm shower, Damien...' But I'd rather not be
>deceived in that way.

Uhh! Upload Holocaust! Scary. I wonder how the teleport tech works in Star
Trek. Nano, accelerated particles, or upload clones? Remember the episode
where they teleport Riker off a ship and the teleporter malfunctions and
they have a clone that remained on that ship for like 20 years? Or the
episode where that guy was afraid to go into the teleporters because he was
afraid his consciousness would cease to exist? Perhaps we're seeing a
million clones of Riker, and Picard!