Re: Burning Man

Chris Hind (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 22:34:01 -0800

>I did meet the organizer Bob Gelman at the EZTV event. In fact, what was
>really cryo was that the EZTV event started looking like the Burning Man
>event! Very visual.
>Check out

You almost had it right, it's actually ""
gotta watch out for those case-sensitive net addresses. Also I've noticed a
problem that everytime I see a punch of repeating patterns right next to
each other my eyes refocus and look at it as though it's a stereogram. I
used to look at stereograms when they were first toying with the concept by
making pink-static golf balls. I can look at any stereogram and instantly
see the picture but this reflex i've created from looking at *alot* of
stereograms causes me to involuntarily refocus my eyes whenever i look at a
repeating pattern. Strange. Anyone else heard of someone doing this?