Re: The Government Doesn't Care

Chris Hind (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 22:22:29 -0800

At 00:22 11/6/96 UT, you wrote:
>Michael Lorrey said, "I have NEVER been to a government run facility where I
>was communicated with in a freindly manner, or treated in any way like I
was a
>human being. Unfortunately, I cannot take my government business
elsewhere, as
>they currently enforce their monopoly quite strictly (i.e. Waco, Ruby RIdge,
>Justus Township), so they are not motivated to act any differently"

I can quite agree. I worked for the City of Redondo Beach in the
Information Systems Division when I was 15. Not only is the public treated
inhumanly but at my city, employees weren't treated humanly either and
there was a strict militaristic feeling to the whole bit. Not positive at
all. It was actually a relief when they layed me off due to my inability to
juggle high school and a job because I was only able to work for 3 hrs a
day. The stress was unbearable for someone that age and they wanted the
whole thing run with zero failure or they'd call me up to the carpet and
get lectured. This has unfortunetly poisened my idea of what jobs are like
and I haven't been employed since then (I'm only 18) and it makes me
apprehensive about getting a job soon. Most jobs treat you like a person
don't they?