Re: Scarcity and getting off ( was: sex, yet again..)

Chris Hind (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 22:22:35 -0800

>Absolutely! But taking our own scarcity along won't get us far.
>We certainly need a lot of diverse, life sustaining technology. And all the
>rest of the bag of tricks we can muster to keep us alive on an offworld

I am REALLY looking forward to the upcoming probe missions to Mars stirred
up by the possibility that microbial life may still exist in isolated
places on Mars. Did you see this month's Scientific American? It has
incredible computer-generated photos of how Mars would've looked like in
it's warm oceanic youth. Wednesday er, tomorrow the first of the probes
will launch carrying 80% of the science carried aboard the failed Mars
Observer. I wonder if Eric Paulos from Berkeley have thought of using their
'web blimps' as rovers on Mars to explore the terrain? I have seen no
meantion of this on their website. Check out their concept of telepresence

>I dont think it's going to be like in Star Trek where all the planets
>have air we can breathe and humanoids who speak English 100% ; - )

Ahh. But you forgot about the universal translator which can keep all lips
in sync. :)