Aurora, Land of the Libertarians!!

Chris Hind (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 23:00:41 -0700

I was reading the scifi book snow crash and I began to wonder if the idea of
"The Raft" is a truely practical idea. How easy would it be to put one large
ship in the middle of a forest of docking? You could subsidize the whole
thing by people renting boat docks and gambling in international waters.
Does anyone have any ideas or papers relating to this? And don't tell me
oceania, that only discourages me due to the way they have the website layed
out like its already in existance. I am beginning to think that it _is_
possible to create a libertarian society living on the sea! Do I see traces
of WaterWorld? of course the Atoll in that movie would've never survived in
the open sea due to it being constructed so structurally unstable and
unsuitable for large open sea swells meaning that it couldn't survive
anything other than directly off the coast. I propose to give this, as yet
non-existant country Aurora, Land of the Libertarians.