Re: If it's not AI, Nano, or Uploading Extropians Ignore it.

Chris Hind (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 23:00:35 -0700

>If gene therapy for humans started at least by 1990, then wouldn't it be
>possible to use that technology for genetic re-creation. Example: If I
>had the money and the right doctor, could I isolate the "novelty" gene,
>whip up an elixir, shot it up (or perhaps inhale it in aerosol form), to
>give myself a "high" that made me want to pursue "novel" (or perhaps
>there's an extropian gene) ideas, ways and means?

Well, I'm the person you wish to isolate the gene from because i _do_
experience a euphoria or high thinking about the future or generating ideas
and I hope I'm not alone in this matter but I don't know. I believe that
this would be more environmental though you could probably manipulate genes
to encourage intellectual behavior leading to this conclusion. You could
write the encouragement data directly to the brain with a virus or nanites
but i'd be tricky. My best bet to encourage these ideas are through a
_really good_ positive movie to stir up funding and debate such as Jurassic
Park accomplished. But a movie on what topic?