Re: Aurora, Land of the Libertarians!!

Michael Butler (
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 19:03:39 PST

Chris said:
I propose to give this, as yet
non-existant country Aurora, Land of the Libertarians.

I say:
Permit me to rebut, purely hypothetically...

Better stock up on serious firepower and have "willingness-to-die".
"Aurora? That glow over the horizon is Aurora. What's left of it..."

You will be a high profile target for anything from a FAM to a

You'll need to implement serious Aegis-class defense (preferably
lower-profile and "deeper") or someone will strongarm you.
Even money whether it'll be pirate or government gunboats.

Any sitting-duck Libertarian paradise will probably need everything
the Swiss cantons have already got--including _especially_ some good
reasons for the (super)powers to leave it alone. The repercussions of
nuking or gassing Berne are significant. Pulling the plug on Aurora will
need to be just as inconvenient for the other players or that's what will
happen, sooner or later. Either to make easy money, or to blow the
tall poppy down.

MMB, at but not for OCC