Re: Growth curves
Fri, 11 Oct 96 13:57:26 MST

>I think this type of growth curve can be applied to increases in population
>or wealth. Most of what I would consider credible estimates of future world
>population predict a stabilization somewhere in the 10 to 15 billion range.
>This would make a curve like the one mentioned. I can also see more similar
>shaped curves taking off from the previous one with the colonization of the
>rest of the solar system, neighboring systems, etc.

The dynamic optimist in me believes that it will be possible to
achieve an ever-increasing human population living at higher and
higher aggregate living standards. The 10 to 15 billion range could
easily become a self-fulfilling meme.

Paul Tweedy

Doug Houts

"The moment when first the conqueror spared his victim in order permanently
to exploit him in productive work, was of incomparable historical
importance. It gave birth to both nation and state." -- Franz Oppenheimer