Re: The Conscious Mind

Kathryn Aegis (
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 15:21:01 +0000

E. Shaun Russell:

> Bzzzt. Hummmm. Fzzzt. Squeee. Maybe I was wrong about my
>responses last week in the thread on mailing list quality. I have just
>recently noticed a lot of noise coming through with the signal. No offense
>(as usual) to Greg or Kathryn,

Offense is taken by me, Shaun. If a quote forms the basis for a metaphor
that is used as the basis for an entire discussion, then I consider
it relevant to address the validity of that quote.

To be honest, in the short time that I've been on this list, I've
encountered many posts that have taken quite a nasty tone toward
newcomers to the list. I believe that if I did not have a specific
purpose in following this list I would have unsubscribed already. If
I didn't know several transhumanists in person, I might have
reached some negative conclusions about them by now.

Kathryn Aegis