Peter Voss (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 12:08:40 -0700

At 01:35 PM 27/8/96 -0700, Russell Whitaker wrote:

>> >Max is no "central extropian authority"...

>> Why are you taking such offense? I'm asking politely. I only aimed my
>> message to Max because he is our public spokesperson/representative where
>> the mass media is concerned.

>No, he's not. He's one of a number of people with opinions, often
>called upon to express them. A number of us have done that.

We agree that he is not a 'central authority' who lays down the law. However,
I think it perfectly reasonable to consider Max Most the leading public
spokes>human of Extropianism. This does not mean that he has some exclusive,
divine, eternal right to this position. Until his IA implant malfunctions
and he spouts forth Luddite doctrine he can objectively be regarded as our
foremost representative - both in terms of his actions and how he is
perceived by the media.

He (together with Tom Morrow) coined the term 'Extropian', started the
Extropian movement, edits and publishes Extropy magazine, organizes the
Extro conferences and is more active (through articles, debates &
interviews) in defining and promoting Extropianism than anyone else. Can
anyone claim to be doing more ?

As far as perception is concerned, Max is clearly recognized by the media
and by most people who know about Extropianism as its leading proponent.

This does not mean that we always agree with him, that he is always right or
that others should not express their own opinions. If he doesn't keep
extroping he might even be disposed.