Chris Hind (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 03:32:29 -0700

>You _are_ new, and have not done your homework. The Extropians
>mailing list has been advertised for 5 years in various media,
>including print venues such as *Wired* and major newspapers.
>We are not "hiding in our mailinglist".
Oh Alright, I just thought it would be easier for people to be able to
differentiate between the extropians mailinglist (a newsgroup by email) and
other misc. mail. Remember, not all mailreaders allow you to divvie up your
mail into nice neat folders and sort messages into threads. I have two
mailinglists including this one pouring into one mailbox along with all the
other misc mail. Also it makes the threads of the mailinglist easier to
access by scanning the list of available newsgroups by name instead of
searching through all the websites and coming across it maybe twice such as
the luck I've had. Why wait for people to post the latest messages and send
them to you when you could go to a newsgroup and get started replying right
away. One of the advantages to the hotwired thread was the ability to go
back and view all the old messages and take bits and pieces and reply
whereas in the extropian mailinglist you only get a fraction of the total
comprehension of the thread because you can only look at the latest messages
unless you wish to keep ALL the old messages from the mailinglist.

>the grass grows tall, it gets eaten, the winds whip up and
>rip out the topsoil, and the land lies barren for a few years.
>Only the tracks of pickup trucks loaded with partying teenagers
>break up the sterile landscape...
>OK, a little over the top, I admit, but this is the regard
>in which I hold alt.extropians.
How poetic! :)

>Chris, also, note that posting as "Chris Hind" on this list
>and " (CiXeL)" is bad form. You posted this:
> (CiXeL)
> Newsgroups:
> alt.extropians
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> Welcome to Alt.Extropians
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> Sat, 24 Aug 1996 12:44:03 GMT
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> Earthlink Network, Inc.
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>You need to learn to use the anonymizer with a bit more

Personally I don't care. Why is it bad form? It only REALLY matters when I
post to other more contravercial newsgroups. Also I'm not sure by what you
mean about a bit more skill?