Chris Hind (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 04:36:36 -0700

>> He (together with Tom Morrow) coined the term 'Extropian', started the
>> Extropian movement, edits and publishes Extropy magazine, organizes the
>> Extro conferences and is more active (through articles, debates &
>> interviews) in defining and promoting Extropianism than anyone else. Can
>> anyone claim to be doing more ?
>No, no one can reasonably make that claim, by any stretch of
>the imagination. What I disagree with is Chris Hind's assumption
>that Max is a "central authority".

It's misleading language, and
>gives the distinct and incorrect impression that "where Max
>leads, we shall follow".
Well it's obvious this isn't a cult. Cults require irrational thought and
mysticism. Yes each of us makes our own choice whether to accept the
extropian ideas or not, just like I'm not keen on the idea of changing names
which I think is a little hokey or sci-fi-ish.

I personally agree with almost everything
>Max has to say, but only because I submit what he says first to
>the "central authority" between my ears, for my own evaluation.
>Max is one of the most consistently rational people I've ever
>had the pleasure to deal with. I dislike seeing him misrepresented,
>whether by ignorance or guru worship.
How is he misrepresented? He IS the authority in the way the media percieves
us. And I think that everyone here in this mailinglist realizes that he
isn't our "central authority".

>Another thing: alt.extropians is several years old. If one is
>going to do something with it, call it "resurrection" or
>"resuscitation", rather than "ribbon cutting".
I called it ribbon cutting as in calling it the *NEW* extropians newsgroup
and yes I do know it's old. It's just like the reopening of a store after a