Chris Hind (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 04:36:11 -0700

>> Why are you taking such offense? I'm asking politely. I only aimed my
>> message to Max because he is our public spokesperson/representative where
>> the mass media is concerned.
>No, he's not. He's one of a number of people with opinions, often
>called upon to express them. A number of us have done that.
I'd love to be involved with something like this.

>> Every group MUST have a leader to inspire the
>> mindless lemmingish masses.
>I can't believe you really mean that.

Whats wrong with what I said? This is the reason there has never to my
knowledge been a government without a leader to inspire the people. The
problem is unfortunetly that low intellect people (usually poor) cannot
relate to a process like a group and can only relate to a personality which
explains why Clinton was elected. hehe :)

>> That is until people become more educated via
>> technology.
What I am about to explain shows 'exactly' how the internet can educate the
masses through trickery. When I was in high school my high school was one of
the first to have net access. At first, very few kids cared to know about
the internet even though it was announced *MANY* times in the school
newspaper. Then kids started seeing websites advertized in their magazines
and on TV and started coming to the net connected computers to look up these
sites of their interest. Once they found the wealth of info available about
their interests on these sites, they started bringing their friends. Then
once they had become exhausted with those sites, they actually started
looking up INTELLIGENT things!! AMAZING! And this wasn't a single case! It
happened over and over and before I used to be one of the few people who
used those computers but now there is a line to get to them and they have a
secretary directing the traffic to them. See the internet CAN educate
America's youth. By the way, this occurred at Redondo Union High School in
Redondo Beach, CA so you can checkup on it if you wish.

>> In the eyes of the public as yet, Max is the "central extropian
>> authority".
>No, he isn't.
Then who is in the eyes of the mass media. Someone must be? Are do they see
us as a group only without a leader.

>A number of us enjoyed Wade's post. Again, why not ask him yourself?

Another thing... Who is that FM-2030 guy? I saw him in a review in Skeptic
and nowhere else is he mentioned. Who the hell is that guy?