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Russell Whitaker (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 12:51:47 -0700

On Aug 28, 11:59am, Anders Sandberg wrote this (quoted with ">"):
> Subject: alt.extropians
> Instead of quarreling over the origin and s/n ratio of the newsgroup, it
> might be worth trying to post to it. At least right now there is an
> interesting debate cross-posted with about physical
> transformation and immortality. Let's see some extropian views!


I wasn't quarreling with Chris Hind out of pessimism or sheer
orneriness. I simply take issue with the statements he has
made regarding its utility. I've seen this issue cycle a number of
times over the last few years. I really would like to be proven wrong.

Saying this,
however, I _am_ heartened that the Extropians mailing list
itself has opened up, in that it's now practical and within
list charter to copy the newsgroup on interesting threads.
This was impractical before. Maybe this will change things.
Maybe the increased general visibility of extropianism will

It's yet to be determined who wins, though: topical posters
or netspammers. It's the mechanism itself which presents
this vulnerability.

"Here the ways of men part:  if you wish to strive for peace of
 soul and pleasure, then believe; if you wish to be a devotee
 to truth, then inquire..."  - Nietzsche

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