MUSIC: The Next 25 Years

Aaron Davidson (
Mon, 1 Nov 1999 17:17:00 -0700

I've just finished up a new song of mine. It's called "The Next 25 Years" and that's what it is about -- I'm kind of having writer's block here with coming up with a good title. If anyone has any better suggestions for a title, let me know ;-) 3

It's not for everyone -- some may find it a little boring. It's a long instrumental piece with a tribal feel too it. Lots of subtle building, and heavy on repetition. I've written it to evoke the deep feeling I get when I try and imagine the course our lives will take over the next 25 years. The utter gut feeling that something amazing is happening to our species -- a true transformation, with an actual impact on the course of the universe.

Hope y'all enjoy it!


P.S. While where on the topic of Music & the Next 25 years, lets throw out some speculation on the trends we will see in music over the next 25 years. ;-)

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