The role of the foot soldier and the statesman in the present world...

john grigg (
Mon, 01 Nov 1999 09:39:23 PST

Hello everyone,

Spike Jones wrote:
>The foot soldier is obsolete.

It is? I disagree heartily though I think terrain has alot to do with it. Like they say in the Pentagon, "we do deserts, not jungles!" American mechanized might cannot be matched where we are allowed by terrain to deploy it. The ancient Egyptian pharoahs might agree considering their charioteers.

>War can be taken directly to the front door of the
>alphas who ordered up the war to start with, leaving
>the rest of us alive and uninjured.

What I did like about the cold war and all the nuclear tipped ICBM's aimed at major cities was that the leaders of the nations involved knew they would be targets also! Even if they escaped to a bunker their world would never be the same and so they thought twice about things. It is much easier to to send off hundreds of thousands of young men to die and be maimed when you yourself as a leader will never be in harms way.


John Grigg

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