Re: Newsfeed/NNTP access [was Re: SETI sci.astro.seti newsgroup created]
Mon, 1 Nov 1999 15:34:37 -0800

Robert J. Bradbury, <>, writes:
> > Subject: SETI sci.astro.seti newsgroup created

> The problem is that Deja is slow (and who wants the ads).
> I'd prefer a standard news feed but my ISP (being a big
> bureacratic telcom company) doesn't seem to have the newsgroup,
> might not grant me access to their news server and will be
> wonderfully slow (and probably ill-informed) in responding
> to my queries on this topic.

I would imagine that your ISP (US West?) will carry this news group since it is in the sci hierarchy, but it might take a few days for it to appear, if it was just created today. However if their coverage is generally slow and spotty then you should complain. I am sure they have many subscribers who use newsgroups and your voice will join theirs.

> The question is what to do?
> Does anyone know of public/free NNTP servers that are relatively fast?

Unfortunately, I do not, and I imagine that these characteristics are somewhat contradictory.