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Anders Sandberg (
25 Oct 1999 17:51:47 +0200 writes:

> What maybe seem obvious bullshit to the freethinker, is precious and
> comforting to the pious. The problem lies in how one tells a person the bad
> news -- so they'll question it themselves. Children should *never* be told
> such lies. But when they are, it is usually by someone they love and trust.
> Even when we tell them Santa is a lie, it reflects on the very life-givers
> that brought them into this world.
> Religion is like a security blanket. It is often a foundation upon which many
> people build their very lives. Be gentle when you tell them it isn't there.
> And if they see it!!
> ...hold out your hand when they experience the inevitable vertigo.
> : - )

Well put. I think this is something that is often lacking in our discussions here, the concern for fellow (trans)humans. Sure, truth is truth and I think most of us thirst for it and hate when it is polluted, but that doesn't mean we should hurt people unnecessarily. Far too many transhumanists I know want to jump into the intellectual fray and mercilessly rend stupidity and errors left and right - but while they may win the debate, they close the doors to others: they don't convert people, they antagonize them and by repulsing them from transhumanist or rational ideas make them less likely to realize their error. Not good.

That is why I think it is better to discuss things evenly, to dig down and find the underlying assumptions *with* the other person, and then try to see the implications. Often that is much powerful. It can also be used to study one's *own* beliefs. After all, they ought to be able to withstand a penetrating analysis too.

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