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Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:32:13 EDT

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<< Thought. The specifics of any one
system are completely irrelevant. Religion = reality shield for the weak minded.....and this is universal. >>

This is insulting. It may be the truth but it's put in the meanest possible terms.

What maybe seem obvious bullshit to the freethinker, is precious and comforting to the pious. The problem lies in how one tells a person the bad news -- so they'll question it themselves. Children should *never* be told such lies. But when they are, it is usually by someone they love and trust. Even when we tell them Santa is a lie, it reflects on the very life-givers that brought them into this world.

Religion is like a security blanket. It is often a foundation upon which many people build their very lives. Be gentle when you tell them it isn't there. And if they see it!!

...hold out your hand when they experience the inevitable vertigo. : - )