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Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:58:56 EDT

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Religion falls down when it pursues power and control, which unfortunately is on a daily basis.

Then it falls down from the beginning.

The following occurs to me:

Seeking power and control is really the REASON religion was founded. On two levels.

One, we wanted to have power and control over our own universe. We saw ourselves as the center of the universe, and during man's earliest days we had little ability to know the difference between dreams/fanstasies and reality. We did not have critical thinking. So, in order to emotionally handle our fears and worries about what seemed completely uncontrollable and terrifying, we made up nice little stories (Where does the sun come from? A bird dropped it there) etc.

The reason why science is embraced so avidly may be the same. The difference is *it really does give us the power and control* where religion was a placebo. The problem is - Science does very little (until recent pharmaceuticals) to control behavior,

Human beings, lacking control over emotional well-being and peace of mind, also seek power and control over their own lot, and religion has always addressed this, science only recently. And it is not a very good listener : - ). Poetry and art do better.

Two, we sought power and control over others. It is very difficult to persuade a man to go to the next village and point blank STEAL their land, women and belongings. But tell a man that God wants to punish these evil people ... we will go! Even better, that they are doomed, and need to be SAVED by us moving in and taking them our God. Now, that's justifiable.