Re: nukes in texas

christophe delriviere (
Fri, 25 Dec 1998 06:34:22 +0100


> i think some of the posters on this site are teenagers in disguise, such as
> christophe delriviere and samael and others.

Well, I will have 24 soon Spike ;))... I can scan my ID card and send it to you if you like ;)))
But I'm happy to know that I seem to have somewhat managed to keep a childish spirit ;)...
It's certainly one of my sub goals for my live, always to try to have/seek fun...

If I could, I would always have 17 years. Well I will stop, I've the feeling that i'm speaking like my now unfunctional ;(( grand-ma.
And hum... why should a teenager disguise himself on this list ?

Merry Xmas to everybody ;))