Re: ratification of treaties

Spike Jones (
Thu, 24 Dec 1998 20:07:20 -0800

> Spike Jones wrote: .... with a stroke of the pen, over half of the
> > world's nuclear destuction potential was taken off line. the
> > newspapers mentioned it in one paragraph on the bottom of page 19.
> Mike Lorrey wrote: Don't count your chickens...till Duma ratifies their end of the
> treaty. Makes you wonder what the heck they were thinking..... assuming that they are
> capable of that function. An overly generous assumption as far as I can see.

mike i see that this issue is back in the news. the state department is scrambling to find a source of tritium. they are going with tennessee valley authority, a civilian facility. tritium has a half life of about 12 yrs if i recall correctly, so it is a big job keeping those cores servicable. the commies must be having a hell of a time over there keeping their nukes on line, with all their other problems. maybe the whole thing will eventually be too expensive and they will just give up. peace will break out all over. its the end to the cold war everyone hoped for but no one really expected... spike {8^D