Re: nukes in texas

Spike Jones (
Thu, 24 Dec 1998 20:06:56 -0800

> Sherry wrote: Spike,
> What is the real age range of these people? Could some have had cosmetic
> surgery? I plan to have some soon. Seems extropian to me. :)

they all looked like 20 somethings to me. im a 30 something and felt a little like the senior citizen of the bunch... {8^D the local cryonics crowd

looks a little more, um, experienced, but the local extropians are children.

i think some of the posters on this site are teenagers in disguise, such as christophe delriviere and samael and others.

speaking of cosmetic surgery, is anyone here up on the notion of using a proton accelerator such as the one at loma linda university to sculpt flab? i heard one could use that technology to carve a washboard stomach out of subcutaneous fat. spike