Re: MEMS: Brains, Uploads, and Limbless Bodies

Eugene Leitl (
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 21:20:39 +0100

Anders Sandberg writes:

> > What kind of bandwidth do you need for [distance no object] remote
> > sensing with [familiar] sentience?
> Likely a few gigabits; we have on the order of 10^6-10^7 axons
> connecting the CNS to the rest of the world. Assuming rates < 10^3 Hz,
> we get 10^9-10^10 bit/s (assuming one spike ~= one bit).

Interesting enough, within an order of magnitude this is moving into the domain of mainstream network technology, which is currently iirc 2-3 GBit/s (highend switches integrating to TBit/s). So the networking capabilities are drawing closer to within an order of magnitude, however, the failure of processing capabilities growth to matching the networking prowess is so even more apparent.