Re: MEMS: Brains, Uploads, and Limbless Bodies

Anders Sandberg (
16 Dec 1998 13:08:29 +0100

"my inner geek" <> writes:

> > Of course, you could replace the squishy neurons with something more
> > durable like nanocircuits, and then you would get a liliputian upload.
> How much of the lilipution upload needs to be carbon based in order
> to preserve [a familiar sense of] sentience?

Well, since most nanotech designs seems to rely on diamondoid, close to 100%. But it wouldn't be squishy neurons but brittle diamond (still likely to withstand extreme g-forces, especially if designed for it).

Of course the detailled answer to your question depends on your beliefs on the nature of mind. For a functionalist like me there is no need to keep any biological parts, but your mileage may vary; I get the feeling you think we need the squishy bit to be sentinent.

> > What is the need of quantum in all this? Why can't you use ordinary
> > telemetry?
> What kind of bandwidth do you need for [distance no object] remote
> sensing with [familiar] sentience?

Likely a few gigabits; we have on the order of 10^6-10^7 axons connecting the CNS to the rest of the world. Assuming rates < 10^3 Hz, we get 10^9-10^10 bit/s (assuming one spike ~= one bit).

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