Re: Rows of Trees (Was: The Education Function)

Eugene Leitl (
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 20:28:51 +0100

Joe E. Dees writes:

> One world, one corporation, one slab of asphalt! Pave the planet!

Hmmm... ? Been there, done that. Done , also.

> Pull your head out of your CRT screen long enough to realize that if
> we undermine our own environmental foundations, we shall also
> eventually die. We are in a race to get off this mudball and get our

Trouble is, there is no choice. Current state of the art in unsustainable as hell, so we either need to regress waaay back (which is not implementable, as resulting in many MDeaths), the day before yesterday, or move onward as rapidly as we can. Molecular Manufacturing may mean the Apocalypse, however it does also mean ascension into space, and/or truly clean industry at the bottom of the gravity well. I don't think we really have any choice, as things stand.

> genetic eggs out of one basket, or die here, wallowing in our own
> toxic detritus, with all comrade species extinguished. Conservation
> is the other side of the extropian coin, allowing us a little more time
> in which we may be able to win that race.

Of course it is criminal to destroy unnecessarily, yet it can mean our certain demise if we pursue conservation too aggressively.