Re: Singularity: Individual, Borg, Death?

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Eliezer S. Yudkowsky Wrote:

>Either life has meaning, or it doesn't

Mystic mode on. One hour after the Big Bang no purpose intention or meaning existed anywhere in the universe. Twenty billion years later there has been progress, now at least there is subjective meaning, but even today most of the universe has nothing to do with intelligence so objective purpose still has not made an appearance despite our deepest wishes that it do so. Life is young however and often finds a method get it's way eventually. So maybe God doesn't exist, yet. Mystic mode off.

Emmanuel Charpentier Wrote:

> (from Blaise Pascal) the argument of the bet:
>One: if you do not believe in christian god there are two possibilities,
>if christian god exists you will go in hell, if it doesn't nothing happen.
>Two: if you do believe in god, and it doesn't exist, then there is no
>consequence, but if it does (finally) exist, then JackpoT!!! you go in heaven.

You forgot an equally likely possibility. Three: You do believe in God and for that reason he sends you straight to hell. God likes logical people and he knows he has not provided mankind with information to prove his existence so belief in Him is illogical. Only militant atheists go to heaven.

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