Re: Singularity: Individual, Borg, Death?

Spike Jones (
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 22:25:16 -0800

>Emmanuel Charpentier wrote: Question for probabilities course:
>how many more religions should one follow to increase by a tenfold the
>possibilities to eventually end up in (some sort of) heaven?

i used to drive people nuts with this question. religious memes are mutually exclusive: they teach that there is no salvation in the other religions. consequently, the probabilities of religious afterlife are not cumulative, since every religious meme i know of requires one to believe in it to enjoy its benefits. {8-[

today, i reveal the religion i have invented. it is like other religions, with one exception: in order to reap the eternal rewards of this system, one need not believe it. in fact, it is opposite other systems in that the less you believe it, the more it benefits you. skepticism, not faith, is required. do not send me donations, for they will not be tax deductible, and furthermore, such actions are evidence of faith in my system, which will result in your anathema. all who have never heard of my system are automatically members, and any who convert to it are brutally disfellowshipped. {8^D

not so sincerely, a recovering religion addict, spike