Re: Dr Ettinger makes my day

Doug Bailey (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 17:49:24 -0500

Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote:

> What is this mysterious book about? I was recently thinking up
> good titles for a Singularity book, and the best one (who knows
> if it applies?) was _Ultratech_. ( turns up no matches,
> so it's unclaimed.)

The book has been a protean affair since its inception. However, my primary objectives in writing the book is to provide a treatise on transhumanist thinking, the technologies that breathe fire into some of the futures we envision, and the thought processes behind "thinking transhuman". I've gone to great pains to ensure that there is some sense of balance and objectivity in the tone of the book. Most of the books that deal with transhumanist ideals are extremely one-sided in their coverage or just written poorly. Paul and Cox's book comes to mind as a perfect example of what my book is not.

Doug Bailey