Re: EXTRO 4 planning--feedback please

Nick Bostrom (
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 00:08:22 +0000

Greg and Max wrote:

> Discussion has begun about the organization and format for EXTRO4

Excellent :-)

> August, 1997 worked well for EXTRO3 and August, 1999 is our current
> working assumption for a general time-frame. It is important that we get
> feedback on good weekends early on, so please let us know as soon
> as possible what times

I would like to express the general preference that it would be great if the conference were temporally (and ideally spatially) located near another conference of transhumanist interest. Especially for people who come from oversea, that would be a way of increasing the payoff for making the long journey. I'm thinking of things like a Foresight Conference, the World Future Society Assembly (which is Jul29-Aug 1, Washington) or something like that.

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