EXTRO 4 planning--feedback please

Max More (maxmore@globalpac.com)
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 17:44:11 -0700

Discussion has begun about the organization and format for EXTRO4, the next general gathering of transhumanists to be sponsored by Extropy Institute. We'd like to get input from as many sources as possible in the early planning stages. The following is a list of topics for discussion in this process, and some thoughts that have already been discussed off-list on those topics:

Based on feedback we've gotten on last year's EXTRO3, the leading idea so far for the format for EXTRO4 is a more open-ended, spontaneous gathering, with more unstructured time and opportunities for brainstorming and networking. We're considering definition of a small group (no more than three or four) of subject matter areas. "Central" talks and/or panel presentations and discussions in these areas would be one aspect of the gathering, with associated smaller discussion groups and "sub-presentations" taking place to compliment the central events.

To ease the burden of organizing the conference, we're looking for individuals
or small groups to work largely on their own, but with assistance from the conference Chair to develop material for the separate subject matter areas. People with specialized knowledge, contacts or interests connected to these subject matter areas will work together within a fairly loose over-all organizational framework to develop content for these separate areas.

Initial discussions I've had have centered on the following areas:

(1) The Business of the Future. (Start-ups, investing in technology,
business opportunities.)
(2) 21st Century Social Orders. (Covering economics, law, and politics.)
(3) Memetic Dissemination/Marketing Transhumanism. (How to communicate more
effectively, tackle common objections in particular areas.)
(4) Practical Life Extension. (Presentations on the most effective means of
extending life today and maybe current research, including the latest on cryopreservation.)

Many people have expressed a preference for Northern California. Another preference is somewhere in the Rocky Mountains or desert West, as potentially easier (and less expensive) to reach for folks who aren't based on the West Coast.

August, 1997 worked well for EXTRO3 and August, 1999 is our current working assumption for a general time-frame. It is important that we get feedback on good weekends early on, so please let us know as soon as possible what times

are good and bad for you. In particular we'd like to know about competing events that could create scheduling conflicts.

It's important that we decide on place and time for the gathering before the end of the year so that we can start negotiating for a conference venue and begin publicizing the event, so I would appreciate feedback on this as a first

Thank you,
Greg Burch and Max More.

Please send your feedback either to the list for discussion, or to conference Chair Max More at <more@extropy.org>