Re: EXTRO 4 planning--feedback please

Max More (
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 13:52:50 -0700

At 12:08 AM 10/13/98 +0000, Nick wrote:
>I would like to express the general preference that it would be great
>if the conference were temporally (and ideally spatially) located
>near another conference of transhumanist interest. Especially for
>people who come from oversea, that would be a way of increasing the
>payoff for making the long journey. I'm thinking of things like a
>Foresight Conference, the World Future Society Assembly (which
>is Jul29-Aug 1, Washington) or something like that.

Nick, while I'm still gathering possible conflict information, so far August 6-8 is looking promising. That misses both the Crypto and WFS conferences, while being early enough in August to not be a problem for students starting classes for the Fall.

Does anyone know of any conficts with August 6-8?

I'm already getting excited about EXTRO 4! Maybe this time we can break a record and get 200 transhumanists together, with a more international collection than ever.


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