Media update

Brian Atkins (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 00:25:34 -0600

On Nightline tonight, they were discussing future technology,
including uploading via neuron replacement and evolving AI.
They showed some cool video of what appeared to be evolving
GAs in a "real" 3D environment. This was the first time I'd
seen that, and unfortunately I didn't catch the person's name
who had done it. Basically they started with a simple organism
composed of two cubes, and let it evolve into successively
more complex organisms based on how well they could "swim"
through the simulated environment. The result looked very
similiar to a sperm cell :-) I couldn't help but think about the
possibilities should a 3D Cyberspace ever replace the web-
would it become possible to evolve AIs by letting them grow
and learn within such a system?

In other media, the 6.01 issue of Wired is quite an extropian