Re: Media update

Anders Sandberg (
23 Dec 1997 13:52:26 +0100

Brian Atkins <> writes:

> On Nightline tonight, they were discussing future technology,
> including uploading via neuron replacement and evolving AI.
> They showed some cool video of what appeared to be evolving
> GAs in a "real" 3D environment. This was the first time I'd
> seen that, and unfortunately I didn't catch the person's name
> who had done it. Basically they started with a simple organism
> composed of two cubes, and let it evolve into successively
> more complex organisms based on how well they could "swim"
> through the simulated environment. The result looked very
> similiar to a sperm cell :-)

That was likely Karl Sims work. Very impressive! I think more can be
found at (a rather busy/slow
site; there are some copies of the mpeg animation on the net,

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