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Sun, 14 Dec 1997 07:34:38 EST

In a message dated 97-12-14 06:17:31 EST, Max M(not More) wrote:

> Anton Sherwood wrote:
> > Congratulate me: for $300, I've become an even greater threat to public
> > order! Brought home a Russian SKS (guerrilla rifle) today.
> What is interresting and extropian about a boy bragging about his big
> gun?

The "interesting" part is the "extropians-mail-list-as-social-gathering"
thing, Max. The extropian part is the fact that gun ownership seems to be a
little higher-than-average among extropians. (Gizmo-freak libertarians,
situated disproportionately in the western U.S.)

BTW, I have two SKSs. The first was also Russian, also 1952 vintage, also
virgin; the second an 80s vintage Chinese gun that had seen at least some
service. Although both are extremely fine weapons, despite the conventional
wisdom, the Chinese gun is more accurate because it has a smoother trigger
mechanism. (I use the Chinese gun for boar hunting.) I recommend removing the
trigger assembly (I'll explain how by private e-mail if you like), soaking it
in gasoline (or other suitable degreaser), thoroughly brushing it out with a
wire brush and then re-lubricating it with a very light machine oil. This
will take about half of the "clickiness" out of the trigger. Also, had you
bought your gun two years ago, you'd have paid half as much! Finally, be on
the watch for the occasional "slam fire" double (or more) ignition; if this
happens, keep the damned thing pointed down range and it'll be over before you
can say "oh shit!". (I also have some must-do maintenance tips for you, Anton,
if you've never owned a gas-operated semi-auto, if you'd like them.)

Be careful and have fun.

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