Re: SOC: "WIRED" survey on "the Digital Citizen"

GBurch1 (
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 07:34:35 EST

I also thought the definition of "connected" was wrong. I don't count because
I don't have a beeper, but couldn't live without my laptop, a steady e-mail
connection and a cell phone glued to my ear. Go figure.

I believe the survey is important because it is a relatively well thought-out
set of questions filtered through at least some proxy for advanced telecom
usage, yielding a picture of the social and political attitudes of such
people. The thing I found most interesting was the extent to which those
attitudes did and did not reflect extropian values: The survey's "connecteds"
seem to be fairly libertarian on issues of personal liberty and capitalism,
but still seemed to have an abiding faith in existing political institutions
AND were, in the majority, practicing religionists.

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