Montreal Transhumanist

Stirling Westrup (sti@CAM.ORG)
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 06:58:29 +0000

Hi there folks. I've been reading this list for a few weeks now, but I just
thought I should add, for the record, that there is at least one transhumanist
living in Montreal.

Oh, and I should point out that I consider myself a Transhumanist, and not an
Extropian, since it has become clear to me that I have no idea WHAT the creator
of this list means by the term Extropian. I joined this list under the belief
(and the list info said nothing to change this belief) that extropy was
someones pet term for transhumanism. It was not until the recent debate with
the Dutch Excedo folks that I learned that the Extropy Institute considered it
had ownership of the term, and of this mailinglist. So, if the list becomes
pay-only, I'll probably drop out, since I haven't yet been convinced I want to
be an Extropian, whatever that is.

And finally, on the topic of Signal-to-Noise ratios, I think you folks are
spoiled. I'm a member of something like 15 assorted mailing lists, and this one
has one of the highest S/N ratios for an unmoderated list that I've ever seen.

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