Re: degrees of openness

Harvey Newstrom (
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 09:19:01 -0500

> Anton Sherwood replied:
> >How can two biologists exchange information about life in the
> >Cambrian era, if they're constantly interrupted by biblical
> >literalists saying there never was a Cambrian era?

This is not a challenge, just a query. Have we been having a lot of
luddites on this list challenging basic scientific facts? I have seen a
couple of naive questions in the past few months, and only a few
discussions about basic science. I don't recall any major disruptions
by people trying to prevent rational discussion.

Discussing the basics is already against the list rules. Can't
violators be told that they are violating the list rules? Has anyone
notified certain posters that they were violating list rules without

The only problems I have with the list is the occassional spam. I don't
expect spammers to respect the new rules any more than the old rules.
Software will have to try to block them.

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