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From: Joao Pedro <>
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Date: Thursday, December 04, 1997 6:08 PM
Subject: Re: degrees of openness

>Max More wrote:
>>: > ... The list was created as a "safe haven" (founder
>>: > Perry Metzger's words) for discussion amongst Extropians
>>: > without having to pander to the differently-opinioned.
>Joao Pedro <> asks
>>: Isn't a discussion an exchange of information and ideas?
>>: How can you have a discussion in the first place without
>>: different ideas and opinions?

May I add that without different ideas, without exchanges of view, without
disagreement, without a constant infusion of new thoughts, how can we ever
hope to accumulate and disseminate sufficient knowledge and information to
advance the cause of humankind ???

>Anton Sherwood replied:
>>How can two biologists exchange information about life in the
>>Cambrian era, if they're constantly interrupted by biblical
>>literalists saying there never was a Cambrian era?
>>If we want to discuss our ideas with others who strongly disagree,
>>there's a forum for that, too: it's called Usenet.
>>(Look for me on dejanews)
>I agree 100%
>What I disagree is with your "argument" that because you have money you are
>an extropian and can join the list while I can't. The simple fact that you
>have money - 95$ - to spend makes you nothing better than anyone else in
>discussing any issue in the world. And since basically that's what you are
>trying to do, I'm expressing my disagreement. All I said was as simple as
>that, I disagree with prejudices based on wealth! I disagree when you say
>that you are more "qualified" to discuss extropianism because you have more
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