Extropian locations

Bobby Martin (bobbymartin@hotmail.com)
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 07:01:24 PST

Many members of the list seem to be seeking physical get-togethers.
I suggest that everyone interested in such meetings post a message
to the list with the word "Location" in the subject, and as much
as they care to give about contacting them in the body of the message.

Please don't misspell "Location", as I'm going to be filtering it into a
special folder. My posted location will be in a day or two as I allow
time for others to establish filters.

We might consider establishing standard subject lines for certain kinds
of posts (standards that go further than the kind of ad hoc ones in
existence now). Someone willing to donate a little time and a web page
could then maintain a document of those standards. The document's
location could be posted to the list (or lists, or whatever the future
arrangement is to be) periodically for newbies.

Thanks for your time,
Bobby Martin

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